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New Students

Quick, bookmark this page. Now everything you need to know about healthcare at MIT is right at your fingertips—from making the transition to healthcare services in Cambridge to what’s covered and how to get care when you need it.

Undergraduate Students

With everything you have to do, staying healthy is a necessity. Find all the information you need about healthcare at MIT right here—from urgent care and appointments to prescriptions and insurance.

Graduate Students

You barely have enough time in the day. You need healthcare answers fast. Start right here to find everything you need to know about staying healthy, so you can get the most from your time at MIT.


Healthcare in the US might seem very different—buying insurance, making appointments, choosing a primary care provider. Trying to make sense of it all? Find answers to all your questions here.


Do you have enough health insurance? Do you know how to get medical care when you need it? No matter how long you plan to stay at MIT, you need to make sure you and your family are protected. Learn more here.

Campus Employees

With a full-service healthcare center on campus and affiliations with the best hospitals in the area, we’ve got you and your family covered for everything from checkups to emergencies. Read on to learn more.

New Employees

Welcome to the MIT community! Get off to a great start by choosing the right health plan and learning about the incredible health and wellness resources that are available to you and your family.

Lexington Employees

From primary care to pediatrics, MIT Medical provides exceptional healthcare for you and your family right here in Lexington. You’re at the right place to learn more about all we have to offer right up the hill.


You’re still the first ones they turn to for the answers they can’t find on Google, and these pages are your “cheat sheet.” Know what to tell your student about campus resources, health insurance, and more.


You’re still part of the MIT Community. You can still see the providers you know and trust. And now you can find links to all the healthcare information you need — right here.