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Our Commitment to Social Justice

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Social Justice Statement

The ongoing pattern of systematic oppression and violence against people of color is a public health crisis that has led to a sense of threat among many and to the repeated unjust deaths of Black people in particular. This is in stark contrast with basic human rights. The staff of the Student Mental Health and Counseling Services stands with our students, staff, and faculty of color in denouncing racial oppression and brutality and the system of white supremacy that perpetuates it. It is clear that repeated experiences of racial trauma take a toll on the physical, mental, and spiritual health of many members of our community and that people of color have long carried the weight of this burden. We are committed to deepening our understanding of racial trauma and its impact on the individuals we are privileged to serve. We will offer a safe space to share these stories. We pledge to use our collective voice to advocate for equity and justice across the Institute and in our wider communities.

Take care of your mind

Take care of your body

Take care of your relationships

  • Connect with people that you trust.
  • Seek support from your loved ones or a mentor, counselor, or community elder.
  • Check out the family activity workshop offered by Community Wellness at MIT Medical.

Focus on your overall wellbeing

We are here for you! Reach out for help if you need it.
Student Mental Health & Counseling Services
Phone: 617-253-2916, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.­–5 p.m.
We can respond to mental health-related inquiries, schedule virtual visits, connect you with one of our providers, or help you match with a mental health professional in the community.
Clinicians are on call for emergencies 24 hours a day.

Telehealth resources for students currently residing outside the United States
Workplace Options (WPO) is a global therapy and support service for currently enrolled MIT students who are studying abroad due to the pandemic.
This confidential service offers support for international students and their families related to work or personal issues, including short-term professional counseling and referrals to local resources to help manage emotional, physical, financial, and social needs.
Workplace Options Company code: MIT 2020
Email: support@resourcesforyourlife.com
Phone: 888-851-7032

Find more support on our Self-care resources page.